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World AIDS day event

December 1,2014

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Mkhaya Migrants Awards

Now we have created a Dance group named SIYABAVUSA to help fundraising for our projects.


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 AIDS Orphan project is dedicated to working on the issue of children who have become victims of HIV/AIDS, also known as AIDS orphans.

AULDA aims to improve the current state of AIDS orphans, and carry out activities together with local organizations in South Africa.


Our target is going to be Soweto area with one of the highest AIDS infection rates. 

In addition we are developing activities to increase domestic awareness of the issue of AIDS orphans.

We are always recruiting volunteers to share in carrying out these activities. We send volunteers for short and mid-length assignments in Africa, and are always looking for enthusiastic people, so please enquire if you are interested!

AIDS Orphan

To this day, the world has been faced with many different threats, such as poverty, war, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. In particular, the issue of poverty is entangled with these various other issues, and thought to be the cause. Poverty has been defined by the World Bank as a person living with no more than 1 dollar a day. Many of these people are living in horribly difficult economic and social conditions.

15 Million AIDS Orphans Worldwide

Focusing on the issue of AIDS orphans, it is not difficult to image that these children must deal with economic difficulties. In addition, because they lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, they are also faced with frequent stigmatization and discrimination.

Although their parents have HIV/AIDS, it is not always the case that the children are also infected with the virus. However, due to misinformation or common social ideas, communities tend to exclude these orphans and force them into poor living conditions. Sometimes the orphans become street children. 

Importance of Education

As a result they are unable to receive an education, which is considered to be one of the most effective ways to escape from poverty. Through fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and math they might be able to read job manuals, take memos, and perform simple calculations, thereby increasing their opportunities for employment. In addition, with a secondary or higher education, they can hope for a stable, well-paying job, and in turn help others to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty. This is the kind of viewpoint from which the international society and each individual government must work hard in order to spread education.

For this reason, it is important to provide support for AIDS orphans; preventing exclusion within their communities, allowing for a life free of anxiety, and providing them with the opportunity of an education. It is therefore necessary to provide these communities with proper information about HIV/AIDS, changing their view of the disease and eliminating stigmatization of the orphans.