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World AIDS day event

December 1,2014

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Mkhaya Migrants Awards

Now we have created a Dance group named SIYABAVUSA to help fundraising for our projects.


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We acknowledge the support of KINGDOM LIVING EXPERIENCE INTERNANTIONAL MINISTRY with Gerard Jackson.

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Energy is everywhere



We use energy every day. It surrounds us in different forms, such as light, heat and electricity. Our bodies use the energy stored in molecules of substances like carbohydrates and protein to move, breathe, grow, and think. We also use energy to do work and to play.


The two most common forms of energy we use are heat and electricity. heat is the energy of moving particles in any substance. The faster the particles move, the warmer the substance is.Electricity is the energy of electrons moving along a conductor like a copper electrical wire. 

Non- renewable versus renewable energy


Non- renewable Energy


Much of our energy supply comes from coal, oil, natural gas, or radio active elements. They are considered non-renewable because once they are removed from the ground and used, they are not immediatelky replaced. In fact, the world'S natural gas, crude oil and coal deposits took millions of years to form.Uranium, which is used for nuclear energy, has limited supply as well.

Human will have used up most of these deposits in lessthan 200 years. Once they are gone, non-renewable energy supplies cannot be replced within human scale 

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy on the other hand replaces itself and is usually available in a never-ending supply.Renewable energy comes from the natural flow of sunlight, wind, or water around the earth. With the help of special collector we can capture some of this energy and put it to use in our homes and businesses.As long as sunlight, water abd wind continue to flow and trees and other plants continue to grow, we have access to a ready of supply of energy. 


For billions of years, the sun has poured out huge amounts of energy in several forms, including light, heat, radio waves, and even x-rays. The Earth, in orbit around the sun's immense output. On earth, direct sunlight is available from sunrise until sunset, except during solar eclipses. Solar collectors and modules are designed to capture some of the sun's energy and change it from radiaition into more usable forms such as heat or electricity. In fact, sunlight is an excellent source of heat and electricity, the two most important forms of energy we consume. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular for remote power needs such as telcommunication towers, agricultural applications( irrigation and pasture management), in tropical countrirs that are not connected to an electrical grid, for heating swimming pools, and many other applications around the world.