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World AIDS day event

December 1,2014

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Mkhaya Migrants Awards

Now we have created a Dance group named SIYABAVUSA to help fundraising for our projects.


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We acknowledge the support of KINGDOM LIVING EXPERIENCE INTERNANTIONAL MINISTRY with Gerard Jackson.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights States:


Everyone has the Right to a standard of living adequatefor the Health and Wellbeing of himself/herself and their families: including food: clothing: housing: and medical careand the necessary social services: and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness and disability , widowhood, old age, or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond their control. The Declaration also demands that Government secure recognition and observance to these rights; however it seems that poverty created a social condition which negates all Human Rights, not just a select few. A poor person has no rights at all, no matter what his/her Government signs on paper or what Officials/Councilors write in their big books!





The Eden Park Community Action Unit is creating a response on which everyone can rely.


The problem with poverty, is, it humiliates and denigrates everything that a human being stands for. Bringing back civic pride, is only trying to liberate the people of Eden Park from the tyranny of poverty and injustice of a life without hope.


Eden Park Community Action Unit only wants to liberate the genius of individuals to create “A Better Life for themselves”. Ourmandate is not governed by political parties Benton forcing anyone to do anything they do not want.

After enjoying the intoxication of our Freedom in 1994 we soon realized that Service Delivery to the neediest is yet another battle almost similar to apartheid, now that we have freedom what are we going to do with it? Eat it?


We believe that every problem has many solutions, and that all we have to is to select the best possible alternatives. We will be needing no funding, no experts or international travel to research our livessince we have the knowledge of who we are and to know that human dignity is:-


  1. Rainproof  households
  2. Sanitary inside toilets
  3. Clean drinking water
  4. All school aged children to attend school
  5. The entire household to at least enjoy three meals a day
  6. Must have access to medical care/check ups
  7. Means of a stable income



We want to bring back our self-reliance, pride and confidence in our abilities. Develop ourselves and become independent, thinking and creative human beings – We have outlived apartheid and would like to outlive the lack of service delivery and starvation!!!


Ask not what you Government can do for you?But rather what you can do for your government?